1. Commemorating Women in Trucking

    Each year on March 8th people around the world recognize the women that helped build their communities and industries on International Women’s Day.  We want to celebrate women on this special day, especially those involved in the trucking industry. Trucking has a common stereotype of just men working the ins and outs of the business. The truth is with each passing year our industry is becoming …Read More

  2. Quotes to Live by on the Road

      Each year truck drivers travel millions of miles hauling our nations goods. Reports show that in 2018 alone, the trucking industry carried over 70% of the tonnage carried by all forms of freight transportation in the United States. Trucking is a grueling profession with the long hours, expert knowledge of driving a big rig, and the long time away from home. But if you ask a trucker, many wil…Read More

  3. Protecting Your Truck’s Tires

    The tires on your truck are what helps gets you from place to place. Sure, there are many, many other essential parts on your rig that you can’t do anything without. And there are countless tips on how to protect each one of them from wearing down sooner than they should. But your tires keep you on the road, mile after mile. So protecting them from wearing down is one of the best ways to ensure …Read More

  4. Why Choose Financial Carrier Services?

    Whether you’re a small business or have been around for decades, handing over even a small amount of control of your finances can be scary. That’s why finding an established, experienced, and professional factoring company is so important to any business. In a previous Trucking Tribune blog, we provided tips on choosing a factoring company that is right for your business. We put together these…Read More

  5. Holiday Giveaway Winners Announcement

    Congrats to our Holiday Giveaway winners: -Travis Whaley from Travis Whaley Trucking -Gregory Wheeler from One Time Transportation -Mechell Warren from R&M Warren Trucking We hope they enjoy their prizes in the new year! Thank you again to everyone who participated and engaged with our giveaway posts. We showed how much we appreciate the trucking community and all that they do during the holi…Read More

  6. 5 Tips For Choosing A Factoring Company

    When it comes to picking the right factoring company for your needs, not all factoring services are alike. It is important that as you choose a factoring company, you spend some time determining what company will be the right fit for your needs. Here at Financial Carrier Services, we are passionate about providing factoring services to trucking companies around the nation. We want to help you acce…Read More

  7. Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

    2018 was an eventful year! From the first full year since the ELD mandate was initiated to conversations on the hours of service debate, this year proved to be busy showcasing the passion of carriers for their businesses.  You let your voices be heard on a variety of issues and also gave back to the community through your service. With an ever-changing industry, Financial Carrier Services is tha…Read More

  8. Our BIG Holiday Giveaway (December 17th-January 2nd)

    *CLOSED* The holidays continues! With so many different holidays and 2019 around the corner we want our last giveaway of 2018 to go off with a bang! Therefore, we are giving away a few awesome prizes with this giveaway. We’re going to raffle off one iPad Mini 2 to one winner, and RTIC Tumblers to 2 additional winners! We are always thankful for the amazing trucking industry we work in and are …Read More

  9. 3 Trucking Fundraisers for the Military

      Tis’ the season of giving! In the spirit of the holidays there are TONS of organizations that make it a priority to give back, and those in the trucking industry are right there with them. One of the most important groups that should be honored each holiday season are those in the armed forces.  Military personnel often spend long periods of time away from their loved ones, at times being in…Read More

  10. Our Thanksgiving Giveaway Winner Announcement

    Congratulations to our Thanksgiving giveaway winner Matt Tabor of M&T Conveyors, LLC. We hope he enjoys his new Rand McNally tablet when he's on the road! Thank you again to everyone who participated and engaged with our giveaway posts. We showed how much we appreciate the trucking community. Thank you truckers for all that you do during the holiday season! To continue the holiday spirit, be …Read More