1. Epic Movies Bringing Trucking to Life

    Continuing our Top pick series, we’re looking at some of the best films that have brought the trucking industry to the big screen. Often truck drivers spend long periods of time waiting at yards to be unloaded/loaded or taking rest time on their breaks.  Movies are a great source of entertainment during those off-hours and nowadays they are easily available right from your phone! From old schoo…Read More

  2. What Truck Drivers Need to Know About Distracted Driving

    There’s no doubt that distracted driving is becoming a bigger and bigger issue these days. Whether it’s texting, pulling up directions on maps, selecting which tunes to listen to, reaching for an item in the car, talking to passengers, unwrapping a drive-through meal, or if it’s simply letting our minds wander — distracting habits in the car or truck are having disastrous effects. And for …Read More

  3. Music for the Road

    “Goin' places that I've never been. Seein' things that I may never see again. And I can't wait to get on the road again”, is a lyric from the Willie Nelson classic, ‘On the Road Again’. Music is an essential part of the trucking experience.  From getting you in the right mindset during hauls or just staying plain entertained during those longer routes, music is every driver’s best frien…Read More

  4. Top Fuel-Saving Tips for Truckers

    As the owner of a trucking company, you know first and foremost that it’s not a cheap element of running a business. When it comes to your truckers, you are spending millions, if not billions, of dollars a year just on fueling the trucks. If you’re looking to save some money here and there, check out today’s blog post for a few of the ways that you can optimize your fuel use. Keep Truck Main…Read More

  5. How to Stay Healthy on the Road

    There’s no doubt that truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road. Whichever company they work for, whatever they’re hauling, it takes time to get the goods from one place to another. The average driver can log between 2,000 and 3,000 miles a week! So if you thought driving 20 miles to work each day was bad, try doing that 17 times! So when truckers are spending so much time on the road, it…Read More

  6. Joining the Fight with Truckers Against Trafficking

    Financial Carrier Services is proud to announce that we have joined with Truckers Against Trafficking as a sponsor for their organization! We are aware of the harsh realities of human trafficking that is occurring in our country, particularly in the transportation industry, and are excited to partner with TAT to help combat this crime. Check out further below on the history of TAT, the important p…Read More

  7. Cargo Theft and Tips on Preventing It

    Truck drivers have various things to worry about when they’re on the road, such as not getting enough sleep, having a hard time eating the right foods, or running into traffic on the highway. But one worry has been becoming a bigger and bigger problem — theft. Whether cargo is being carried across the country or just across town, the contents are often incredibly valuable, sometimes ranging fr…Read More

  8. Quotes to Live by on the Road

    Each year truck drivers travel millions of miles hauling our nations goods. Reports show that in 2018 alone, the trucking industry carried over 70% of the tonnage carried by all forms of freight transportation in the United States. Trucking is a grueling profession with the long hours, expert knowledge of driving a big rig, and the long time away from home. But if you ask a trucker, many will s…Read More

  9. Protecting Your Truck’s Tires

    The tires on your truck are what helps gets you from place to place. Sure, there are many, many other essential parts on your rig that you can’t do anything without. And there are countless tips on how to protect each one of them from wearing down sooner than they should. But your tires keep you on the road, mile after mile. So protecting them from wearing down is one of the best ways to ensure …Read More

  10. Why Choose Financial Carrier Services?

    Whether you’re a small business or have been around for decades, handing over even a small amount of control of your finances can be scary. That’s why finding an established, experienced, and professional factoring company is so important to any business. In a previous Trucking Tribune blog, we provided tips on choosing a factoring company that is right for your business. We put together these…Read More