1. RBI Says Unpaid Factoring Bills Will Be Treated As Bad Loans

    Everyone knows bad loans equals bad credit ..... Some may not know what a NBFC is, but they are a non-deposit taking Non-Bank Financial Institution, engaged in the principal business of factoring. Factoring is used by a seller who sells bills receivables to a third party (called a factoring agency), which pays the seller a major portion of the bills up front and collects the money from the buyer a…Read More

  2. It’s Tax Season… Make Good Use Of Your Tax Refund!

    10% Down Payment For The Next 30 Days and you can ride off with your newly Tractor!  Let FCS help you get you something more powerful to move freight across the world. Call us today to take advantage of our equipment financing programs, with no credit checks! Best offer this year email or call now! Financing@carrierfs.com THANK YOU TO ALL THE TRUCKERS AND REMEMBER TO KEEP ON ROLLIN' Financial C…Read More

  3. Don’t Let Your Tags Be A Burden On Your Company!

    TAG FEES HAVE A WAY OF SNEAKING UP ON YOU.  DO NOT LET THEM PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS.  WE HAVE A FANTASTIC TAG FINANCING PROGRAM THAT CAN HELP KEEP YOU ON THE ROAD!! FINANCING@CARRIERFS.COM OR 866-899-7080 X2009 THANK YOU TO ALL THE TRUCKERS AND REMEMBER TO KEEP ON ROLLIN' Financial Carrier Services is now offering the lowest rates for freight factoring, insurance, roadside assistance and new o…Read More

  4. FCS Becomes Member of American Trucking Associations

    Financial Carrier Services is proud to announce that we are now an Allied Member of the American Trucking Association. This strengthens our dedication to helping the everyday trucker and builds on our efforts we made by joining the North Carolina Trucking Association. The ATA is an organization focused on bettering the Trucking Industry.  They have been around since 1933 and overtime, they have…Read More