1. Women Make the Trucking Industry Go

    This International Women’s Month, we would like to celebrate all the women involved in making the trucking industry go. Women don’t fit the common trucking stereotypes, but the truth is with each passing year our industry is becoming increasingly diversified. A rising group in trucking are women, both behind the wheel and in managerial positions. According to Women in Trucking, in 2020 the per…Read More

  2. We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with DrayNow!

    DrayNow Bio DrayNow is a technology company that supplies a mobile app designed to connect truck drivers with local freight. After downloading the free app and signing up, carriers have complete access to the DrayNow marketplace which shows loads in the area that are currently available. The DrayNow app gives carriers the power to tap into a previously inaccessible type of trucking: intermodal dra…Read More

  3. Four Apps That Will Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolution

    With each new year, comes an opportunity for a new start. Millions of people around the world take the calendar flip as a chance to better themselves. Whether your resolution is shedding a couple pounds, getting right financially, or just improving your overall wellbeing, there’s an app for it. How can one decide the best app for them between the seemingly hundreds of options? Well, just like wi…Read More

  4. Making This Anything but Normal Thanksgiving, a Little More Normal

    The year is 2020. Absolutely nothing has been normal, and there is no turning back now. Due to all that is happening in the world, this holiday season many families and friends’ gatherings will move from the physical table to the virtual one. It will be a first for many, but not those a part of the trucking community. The transportation industry takes no days off, and often times can require us …Read More

  5. Special Factoring Rate Announcement

    During these unprecedented times, many of us are struggling financially.  Whether you’re a small business or have been around for decades, handing over even a small amount of control of your finances can be scary. That’s why finding an established, experienced, and professional factoring company is so important to any business. Working in trucking for such a long time, Financial Carrier Servi…Read More

  6. Trucking During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Now recognized as a global pandemic, the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has spread across the world and interrupted our daily lives. In addition to the enormous medical challenges the virus has presented, it’s also caused far-reaching economic impacts as well. As Americans flood into stores of all kinds in order to prepare for a multi-week stay-at-home order, shelves are being stripped bare of …Read More

  7. Meet the Pioneers

    It’s Women’s History month!  Women have been vital parts of building many industries, including trucking. Female truckers and those in the transportation industry have been present for decades, and in this blog post we will highlight a few of the ladies who were influential in the trucking industry’s history.  Take a look back at these pioneers and the hard work they achieved. Women’s hi…Read More

  8. Commemorating Women in Trucking

    Each year on March 8th people around the world recognize the women that help build their communities and industries on International Women’s Day.  We want to celebrate women on this special day, especially those involved in the trucking industry. Trucking has a common stereotype of just men working the ins and outs of the business. The truth is with each passing year our industry is becoming in…Read More

  9. How Freight Factoring Can Help You Grow Your Business

    Trucking makes America go. As the owner of a freight trucking company, you know this better than anyone. And yet, with so many of the goods and products that are demanded and needed by consumers and companies around the country getting delivered on your trucks, finding ways to grow your business can seem elusive. If you have been wondering what the missing piece of the puzzle is when it comes to s…Read More

  10. Celebrating Black History Month

    Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions made by those in the African American community and honor their cultures. Representing over 14% of the U.S. population, African Americans have played an important role in shaping the U.S. transportation industry from important inventions to their roles as drivers. Join us as we highlight one of the fastest growing members of the trucking…Read More