Whether you’re a small business or have been around for decades, handing over even a small amount of control of your finances can be scary. That’s why finding an established, experienced, and professional factoring company is so important to any business.

In a previous Trucking Tribune blog, we provided tips on choosing a factoring company that is right for your business. We put together these tips with the hope that you would ultimately choose us, because even though we are biased, we do believe that we can provide the best factoring services around.

These tips included asking a potential company what types of businesses they work with, if they have a personalized solution, how helpful and effective is their customer service, and considering if the company is a good fit. While these are incredibly important questions, the last tip may be the most helpful. You don’t want just any invoice factoring service handling your business’s finances. You want someone who will provide service when you need it most, a team who understands your needs in the first place, and a company who offers services that will, in the end, make your company stronger.

So, why should you choose Financial Carrier Services?

We’re Fast

There’s a good chance that when a business decides they need to look for factoring companies, that they have already been waiting days, weeks, or even months for an invoice to be paid. Whether the invoice is five days past due or five weeks, the bottom line is that you need those funds as quickly as possible.

When you work with Financial Carrier Services, we can assure you that our team will work quickly to get you the money you need to keep your business running, to order supplies, and to pay your employees. We designed our process so that it could be as simple as possible, so that you can get back to work without waiting any longer than you have to for much needed funds.

We’re Fair

One of the hardest things about factoring companies is that there are fees. But the owners of Financial Carrier Services would never want to see a business not be able to pay their employees simply because an invoice is outstanding, or a business not be able to take on a project because they can’t afford to purchase the supplies they need for that project.

We offer our clients competitive, low rates on freight factoring and truck equipment. Our team has experience in both the trucking industry and the finance industry, so we know how hard it can be to find fair factoring services. You can trust that we’ll do our best to make the process simple.

We’re Flexible

In case you didn’t catch that, our services are flexible. You’re never locked into working with us for a certain amount of time, there’s no minimum number of invoices that need to be factored, and there isn’t a limit on the number of credit checks that need to be completed. Again, we try to make sure that the process, from start to finish, is as simple and stress-free as possible.

If you’re still not sure about choosing us for your freight factoring needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We strive to be the best factoring company in the nation, so if you have any questions about our services, we’re more than happy to answer them!