Throughout the year truckers not only move America’s goods but also actively participate in spreading goodwill in our country. During this season of giving, we want to highlight a few trucking groups whose mission is to serve members of the community. Check out our list below!

St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

First up we have St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.  This organization was created by Dave Nemo, Michael Burns and Dr. John McElligott as a non-profit in 2007.  The main focus of St. Christopher’s is to help semi truckers and their families all-year round when an illness or injury has taken them off the road.  Assistance includes helping pay for living expenses, medication, medical procedures and other crucial resources. In addition, they have programs to help with the everyday health of drivers including vaccinations.

Through their organization, St. Christopher’s has been able to help over 2,000 drivers with their services and have spent almost $2.5 million helping their fellow truck drivers through donations. Likewise, their website provides awesome links to resources for drivers including information on medical related issues such as diabetes and chronic illness and other financial services. This group is a one-stop shop with a mission to help make the lives of truck drivers as less stressful as they can and provide a community for a driver in need. Go to their website to learn more, read driver testimonials, and how you can help!

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Convoy of Hope

Next, we have the humanitarian relief organization, Convoy of Hope. The operation provides all around services including disaster relief, community events and other beneficial programs involving humanitarian and agricultural aid.  Founded in 1994 by the Donaldson family, Convoy of Hope was birthed from a remarkable story of a community coming together to help a small family who had just lost their father, and the aid they provided in helping them bring them out of financial instability. They have been in action for over 20 years, both domestically and internationally and are based out of Springfield, MO.

One of the crucial elements of Convoy of Hope is what they call their “Driving Team”, a group of volunteer drivers who work to haul supplies that are in need. These supplies can be in times of disaster crises or in community outreach. The “Driving Team” at Convoy of Hope play an essential role in the organization as they are on hand to move supplies across the country at a moment’s notice. They pride themselves on being one of the first teams on hand to assist in disaster relief. Their mission is “…to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response”, with a goal to “bring help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting.” They have served almost 64 million people around the world distributing almost half a billion dollars’ worth of essential products and counting! To learn more, visit the links below.

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Trucker Buddy International 

Finally, we have the trucker correspondent themed group, Trucker Buddy International.  Beginning in November 1992, the program started with trucker, Gary King, writing to a group of 4th graders in Wisconsin. He wrote to them about the life of a trucker on the road and within the first year of the program’s inception, they had almost 1,000 driver-teacher matches! Currently the program is matched to almost 60,000 students with 2,000 drivers, and over 25 years later it is now available in the 48 contiguous states, Canada and Europe.

The program involves pairing seasoned drivers with teachers and their students in a pen-pal like relationship. Truckers send different vignettes from their time on the road ranging from postcards, a blog or a written letter.  The goal is to spread awareness about the trucking industry to a younger generation and expand the educational opportunities of the students. The program can tie in what the driver is seeing to the lesson plan the class is following that day (i.e. geography, social studies, etc). Likewise, the truckers spread the importance of truck safety. According to frequent participant and veteran driver Fred Sweetwood, “It brings America to the classroom through the eyes of a truck driver.”

To learn more about this great organization and how you can participate as a driver pen pal, visit their website:

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We appreciate what all these organizations and programs accomplish, and are happy to know that there are fundraisers that the public can contribute to show our gratitude. All the links for the organizations will be again listed below and discover how you can make this holiday season a little brighter!

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