The federal tax return deadline for filling 2017 tax returns is today Tuesday, April 17th. Tax Day has changed 3 times in American History. Federal income taxes were first collected March 1st, but it changed in 1918 to March 15th after congress passed another Revenue Act. It wasn’t until 1955 that Tax Day was moved once again, to April 15th. Depending on the legal holiday, Tax Day can move a couple of days forward, like this year.

You might be looking for ways to get a bit more back from the government, or to reduce the size of your tax bill. Here are a few last-minute actions:  contribute to an IRA, contribute to an HAS, Qualified Retirement Plan or set up a SEP IRA or small business Retirement Plan.

Make sure you file your taxes every year, not filling taxes is illegal, but it does not necessarily subject you to criminal penalties.  Tax codes include provisions for fines and monetary penalties when individuals don’t file their taxes or file but fail to pay in full amount they owe.

If you are filing today, there are still some places that will take you in. You can do it on your own through Turbo Tax or you can go to your local H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt.