It’s without contention that fuel prices are hurt businesses everywhere across the country. The rise and fall and rise again of fuel has put some people in financial strain and others have even gone out of business.

Volvo wants to help fix that.

Their new smart concept truck is described as cutting fuel consumption by over 30%. That’s a phenomenal savings done through better aerodynamics and a more optimized engine that combines a Volvo FH 420 and a D13 Euro 6. But how did they improve the aerodynamics? Technology. Simple things such as cutting out side-view mirrors and replacing them with cameras, optimized side skirts and spoilers are add up to the consumption savings.

But Volvo isn’t stopping there. They want to cut consumption by over 50%. That’s crazy good stuff. As for the concept truck, well, it’s just a concept. However, some of the aero-magic that we see here has already been implemented, and is helping to cu consumption on current models today.

This is good news as we see companies dealing with the financial pressure of the trucking industry. The more savings, the better.

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