The RoadCheck 2016 has officially began! We published back in May that the CVSA had announced tires were going to be one of their main concerns. They’ll be looking at overall tire condition, tread depth, tire pressure, and to ensure that there aren’t any rogue objects between the tires.

This could be pretty bad for some truckers who are in need of new tires.

The good news about all of this however is that it’s easy to spot these issues before you even get to the RoadCheck.

There are regulations in place that can be found online which can help guide you on whether or not your tires would pass or fail. Furthermore, you can avoid any issues simply by making sure there isn’t anything lodged between your dual tires (rocks, debris, ect.), which is a new item RoadCheck inspectors will be looking at this year as well.

Don’t have the money right now for new tires? Not a problem! Financial Carrier Services has a Tire Program that can help you purchase the tires that you need to remain in regulation.

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