This year’s mid-term elections are coming up quickly with Election Day taking place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  Financial Carrier Services encourages all drivers to exercise their right to vote and we have provided a few resources to make the voting process easier for you.  If you need a more in depth guide to voting, please click here. This link provides extensive guides in English and 10 other languages as well. All links we provide will also be listed at the bottom of this post for any reference.

Register, Register, Register
The most important part of the voting process is making sure you are registered! Each state has a different registration deadline so if you want to see what your state’s deadline is, please click here.  This link is not only helpful for new voters but current voters as well.  Maybe you need to see if you are already registered or need to change your address? Remember, your registration information (such as your address) needs to be up-to-date.  That includes if you moved to a different state or even to a different address in the same state.  Make sure all this information is updated and valid so you don’t run in to any issues when you go to vote.
Voter ID-Requirements
If you choose to vote-in person be aware that each state has differing regulations on voter ID’s. For example, some states require some sort of government-issued ID such as driver’s licenses, state-issued ID’s, passports, etc. Other states accept birth certificates, social security cards and other proofs of identity.  You must make sure to know what is accepted in YOUR state.  Follow this link to look up each state’s voter ID-requirements and other procedures relating to ID’s during the election. It can get confusing and we want to make sure you are prepared when you head over to the polls.
How Do I Actually Vote?
So you’re registered and you have the necessary ID’s, now how do you get your “I VOTED” sticker or cast your vote? There’s actually more than one way to get your ballot through:
In Person (Assigned Polling Station)
One way is to go to your assigned polling station. This is determined by your address and if doing this on Election Day it is important that you go to your correct, assigned poll location.  The polling stations have a roster of who can vote at that station. Also, keep in mind that polling stations can change during different elections so click here to find your CURRENT polling station (this link also states where you can go for early voting which is discussed next).
Absentee Ballots and Early Voting
There is also an option to mail your vote by way of absentee ballot.  This may be a great option for those in the trucking industry, particularly truck drivers, as you often don’t know where you’re going to be on a given day let alone know what state you’re going to be in a month from now. Like registering, each state has a different deadline on when the absentee ballot must be mailed by and procedures on how to acquire your absentee ballot. To find out how to cast an absentee ballot in your state, follow this link, choose your local election office and look for the “Absentee Voting” section on the site or how to vote by mail.
In addition, a variety of states allow voters to take advantage of early voting.  This may be a great option for you if you’re not certain whether you’re going to be near your polling station, but you want to vote in person. This form of voting varies by state and each state also has their own early voting period. Some can start as early as a couple weeks before Election Day to a few days prior.  If early voting is something you would be interested go to your state’s board of elections website for a more in-depth view. You can also go here for a comprehensive list of states that allow absentee and/or early voting options.

Voting is a fundamental part of our society.  Don’t think that because you’re always on the go, that you can’t exercise that right. Now that you know ways on how to vote don’t stop there!  Be informed on candidates in your states running for election and the platforms they are running on. Go to their websites and discover if they are someone who would represent you, your industry, and community.
Likewise check out any amendments or bills that are up for voting in your state and keep up the momentum by reading on any bills that could potentially affect those in the trucking industry.  For example, HR5948 was a bill in Congress concerning ELD’s and a possible exemption for small carriers. This article explains the situation more in depth.
FCS wants truckers to stay informed and let their voices be heard on all issues.  Our motto is “For Truckers, By Truckers” and we hope this comprehensive guide will be helpful to you in the 2018 Election and any election moving forward. Happy voting!