You’ve probably been there at some point during your trucking career — sitting at the side of the road with your hood up looking for potential reasons why your truck is overheating, or one of your tires just blew. Whatever the reason for your breakdown, it’s frustrating and it’s taking time out of your schedule.

If you’ve been experiencing more and more breakdowns, is it time for a new truck? Trucking company owners know that it’s expensive to purchase new equipment, and that’s why Financial Carrier Services offers truck and trailer financing. Our freight factoring company started with people who worked in the finance and transportation industries, so we know the struggle of needing new equipment and not having the funds available. So if your fleet is needing more and more repairs, more frequently, give us a call to ask about how we can help with truck or trailer financing.


You will obviously not get anywhere without tires. And if they aren’t properly maintained or inspected regularly, it can cause serious harm to your truck or even accidents on the road. Problems with tires are the cause of more than 50 percent of roadside breakdowns and most issues are due to:

  • Inflation: When the tires aren’t inflated properly, it can cause excessive heat on the tire sidewall.
  • Tread: When you’ve been driving on your tires for too long, the tread is low, causing them to be more susceptible to damage, such as punctures.
  • Axles: When the axles are misaligned, it can lead to more wear, increasing the risk of a breakdown.

The purpose of the radiator is to cool the engine down, so if it’s not working properly, or isn’t repaired quickly, you could be headed for a major repair. There can be several reasons why the radiator isn’t working, including a leak in the hose, a failed thermostat, air bubbles in the cooling system, or a defective water pump. While some of these can be repaired on the road, others can cause irreparable damage if left untreated, such as a defective water pump.

Oil Leaks

The fluids in your truck are an integral part of ensuring everything is running smoothly and efficiently. Oil is one of the most important fluids and should be checked frequently. If there is oil leaking or burning, it will mean that the engine isn’t getting enough oil. When the engine isn’t getting the oil it needs, it can lead to friction and overheating. If it’s bad enough, it can cause damage to the engine components.

Alternator or Battery

With a faulty alternator, your battery won’t work, which can obviously cause serious problems. If you have noticed lights flickering or you can’t seem to get the engine to turn over, take a look at the alternator.

Clutch Cable

Because a majority of semi trucks have 18 gears, the clutch is an essential part. The cables in the system will wear down over time, causing them to break. Broken clutch cables will cause issues when shifting or can even cause the gears to slip out when you’re driving. These can be fixed on the road which will help you keep your schedule, but a mechanic should look at the clutch as soon as possible.

If you have experienced any of these issues, or have had to repair more than one within a short period of time, it may be time to look for a new truck. Since new trailers alone can cost upwards of $80,000, truck and trailer financing may be needed. Financial Carrier Services offers freight factoring services and financing for trucking company owners. We offer no credit check financing to make the process as easy as possible.

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