Trucking makes America go. As the owner of a freight trucking company, you know this better than anyone. And yet, with so many of the goods and products that are demanded and needed by consumers and companies around the country getting delivered on your trucks, finding ways to grow your business can seem elusive.

If you have been wondering what the missing piece of the puzzle is when it comes to scaling your business and adding new drivers, trucks, routes, and contracts, then today’s blog from Financial Carrier Services — one of the nation’s leading freight factoring providers — is a must-read article.

Once you’ve finished, get in touch with us, and let us know what questions you still have and what ways you’re looking for us to help you grow. We know you keep everything moving, and we’re here to help.

It’s Not A Question Of Opportunity

According to the US Department of Transportation, ground freight shipping in North America was responsible for over 55% of the value of all goods shipped in North America during 2017. Markets Insider reported that over 70% of all physical goods were shipped via freight trucking in 2019 — that’s over $700 billion of the US economy. And in 2015, registered freight trucks in the U.S. traveled over 450 billion — with a B — miles. For perspective, that’s roughly 10 trips to Pluto and back when it’s at its furthest distance from Earth.

So when you’re looking at all of the drivers, business, and goods that are out there and you’re struggling to see why it has been so hard to grow your business, you’re not wrong in assuming that it’s not due to a lack of opportunity.

However, just like you are limited in how much you can ship on a truck by the size of the bed or trailer, you are limited in the number of contracts you can fulfill by the size of your bank account. After all, drivers need their pay, trucks need their maintenance and gas, and the insurance man needs his premiums, and in many cases, trucking companies are paying these bills long before they are receiving payment for services rendered.

That’s exactly why Financial Carrier Services exists — to provide freight companies like yours with the means to handle your expenses while you’re waiting for due payment on your invoices and accounts receivable.

One of the many services we offer is providing freight invoice factoring, so you have the cash flow you need to keep your trucks, drivers, and the nation’s goods on the road.

So Much More Than Covering Pay Gaps

However, what we do isn’t just a stop-gap measure to keep the financial well from going dry. When you have the income that you need for jobs you’re doing or have already completed, you’ll also be in a better position to hire new drivers, take on new contracts, and start to scale your operations.

What’s more, is that our services include other ways for you to scale, too. We provide equipment financing, warranties, fuel cards, and fuel advances. Additionally, when you work with FCS, you can take advantage of the hard work and years of industry experience that we’ve poured into building partnerships that can save you money on everything from tires and maintenance to your insurance costs.

By re-investing the money that you save receiving freight factoring and other services from Financial Carrier Services, you can provide the capital needed to spark the kind of growth you’ve been looking for.

The Very Real Benefits Of Freight Factoring With Financial Carrier Services

Freight factoring can help you now, and it can help you grow over time. See some of the most significant benefits of working with us below.

We’re Fast

Unlike payment that you’re used to receiving 30-90 days after invoicing, freight factoring with us is fast. We can provide payment for submitted invoices on the same day.

We Fill You Up

Fuel is the lifeblood of our industry. Our fuel card program and fuel advances keep your tanks full and your trucks arriving on time.

We’re Flexible

From owner-operator outfits to growing fleets, we have the flexibility to meet your needs. Whether you need a single invoice covered or a whole bunch of them. Better yet, we don’t lock you into any kind of a long-term contract when you do business with us.

We’re Fair

Not only do we lay out all of our terms clearly in our service agreements, but we also are fair in that we care more about the credit of your clients than yours. We know that you’ve been waiting to get paid, too. But as long as we know your clients are good for it, we can work together.

We’re Familiar With What You Do

Unlike traditional lending services, we’re a freight trucking specific provider that is made up of people who have experience doing what you do. We understand your challenges, your frustrations, and your needs better than anyone else, and the tangible benefits of doing business with us are proof of that.

Find Out If Freight Factoring Is The Missing Piece To Your Company’s Growth Puzzle

If you’re ready to find out if freight factoring or any of our other services are the missing pieces of your growth puzzle, contact us today to get started. Or, you can check out our client’s reviews of what we do, and apply online when you’re ready to take the next step towards scaling your operation.