We’re so excited to announce that we are one of the recipients of the Women in Trucking Association’s “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation”! According to Women in Trucking over 150 nominations were received and over 10,000 votes casted to the companies recognized on this list.  The official 2019 list is comprised of a diverse range of companies conducting business in the transportation including motor carriers, third-party logistics companies, and much more.

At Financial Carrier Services we’ve always been flexible and supportive of the needs of women and are active in promoting their success. Much of our upper management and staff is female, and we thrive on building an environment that is safe and providing resources for them to grow. We’ve held several events including a self-defense course and CPR course to aid in their development. Because of their hard work, FCS operations continue to flourish.

We want to special thanks to all those who voted for us and to the team at FCS for all the years of hard work. We are appreciative of this great honor!

For a full list of winners visit: https://www.womenintrucking.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=699:top-companies-for-women-to-work-for-in-transportation-named-by-wit&catid=27:pressreleases&Itemid=158