DrayNow Bio

DrayNow is a technology company that supplies a mobile app designed to connect truck drivers with local freight. After downloading the free app and signing up, carriers have complete access to the DrayNow marketplace which shows loads in the area that are currently available.

The DrayNow app gives carriers the power to tap into a previously inaccessible type of trucking: intermodal drayage. This kind of trucking involves freight that comes off of railroads and is in need of truck drivers to bring it to the next stop. These loads are all local, so carriers can take shorter trips and stay in the area.

Who can sign up for the DrayNow app? Any carrier that has their own truck and can haul 53’ intermodal containers! Whether they’re an owner operator or managing a multi-truck carrier company, the app is available to all. This flexibility rolls over into how carriers can use the app as well. They can fill their entire schedule up with loads from DrayNow, or they can pick up last-minute opportunities when available.

On the app, drivers will be able to see all of the specific information for each load before even picking one up. That includes the all-in rate, location, mileage and the appointment time to make sure it’s the best load for their operation. Since it is a marketplace, there is no forced dispatch and drivers have complete autonomy to choose whichever loads they like.

It doesn’t matter how much experience a carrier has with intermodal trucking. This app is designed to easily connect drivers with these types of loads and ensure that they can have a successful experience doing so. Once a carrier picks up a load and is ready to go, the app provides step-by-step instructions throughout the trip to make sure they’re not missing anything.

The DrayNow app is available on both the Google Play store and App Store. Head over to DrayNow.com to learn more about how carriers can use the app to benefit their business!