International Women's Day with Different Icons of Diverse Women

Each year on March 8th people around the world recognize the women that help build their communities and industries on International Women’s Day.  We want to celebrate women on this special day, especially those involved in the trucking industry.

Trucking has a common stereotype of just men working the ins and outs of the business. The truth is with each passing year our industry is becoming increasingly diversified. A rising group in trucking are women, both behind the wheel and in managerial positions.

The Women in Trucking organization has estimated that there is a shortage of over 40,000 drivers, however more and more women are coming in to meet this demand while providing clean safety records and longer miles traveled each month.  Likewise, the percentage of female drivers has increase from just over 7% to almost 8% in 2017 and a similar increase in management from 23% to almost 24%. While this data may seem like small changes, the fact is hundreds of women are entering trucking each year and leaving their mark.

When it comes down to it, we here at FCS want to say thank you to these amazing women.  With most of our upper management and staff being composed of women, we understand the importance of this presence and appreciate all the hard work they do to keep drivers and carriers on the road. Thank you, ladies, for helping our country move forward!

Stay tuned as we continue celebrating Women’s History Month and track the presence and contributions women have made to the transportation industry in another blog post coming soon!

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