April 10th is a holiday in some parts of the United States and worldwide recognized annually as Siblings Day. Today you will see many of your social media friends posts and give shout-outs to their siblings. The purpose of this holiday is to honor, celebrate, and remember our brothers and sisters. However, though many of us may not have biological siblings, we have sibling figures in our lives.

Siblings will be your best friends and worst enemies at times. I have 5 brothers, and we all have different relationships.

Claudia Evart started Siblings Day in 1995 after she lost both of her siblings at young ages. April 10th was Evart’s sister’s birthday. Siblings Day Foundation is headquartered in Massachusetts and maintains offices in New York, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Contributions will help establishment of Siblings Day (SD) both nationally and internationally and will also aid in the growth of current and future programs. Programs include a Lost Sibling Registry, Sibling 2 Sibling Support Groups, Adopt-A-Sibling Program and the Sibling Rights Project.

Help support Siblings Day & Volunteers are always needed https://siblingsday.org/