Driving is stressful enough. You don’t want to get caught on the road with a mechanical breakdown, wondering how you’re going to take care of it. To help you stay on the road, Financial Carrier Services offers:

Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby Warranties for class 3-8 trucks 2007+ below dealer pricing.

Starting at just $2300.

12-24-36 Month Terms Available.

Cover your engine, trans, rear and more!

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Whether you’re a truck driver or if you manage or own a trucking company, you’ll understand the importance of being able to stay on the road. Similarly to car insurance, you wouldn’t get on the road without that, would you? While a warranty isn’t required to drive, it can protect you from unexpected costs in the future.

At Financial Carrier Services, we want to keep drivers on the road. This keeps America running and this keeps money in your pocket! But sometimes keeping money coming in can be a challenge, especially when customers aren’t paying. If your business has been waiting on an unpaid invoice, work with an honest and reliable factoring company. The team at Financial Carrier Services understands the trucking and financial industries and we want to do what we can to keep your company running efficiently. That’s why we offer unlimited credit checks and a no-contract relationship.

Time Frames

Look for a warranty that is at least one year, but you can find warranties that are as little as 60 days, or up to four years. The longer the warranty time frame, the more they tend to cost, but this also provides a level of peace of mind as well.


What is covered in the warranty will depend on the truck being purchased and also the quality of the warranty. With used trucks, tires, brakes, clutch, or suspension parts are generally not covered. If you want bolt on components to be covered or an aftertreatment system, you may need to purchase additional warranty coverage. Consider how much repairing these components will cost compared with the initial cost of the warranty.

Aggregate Limits

It is essential to understand if the warranty has an aggregate limit, which may impact how much will be paid during the life of the warranty. For example, if the engine fails completely, this may cost more than $35,000. If there is an aggregate limit of $25,000, you may still have to pay the remaining $10,000 out of pocket.

Progressive Damage

If the fuel injectors on your truck fail, and that contaminates the aftertreatment system, and all of this leaves to ATS failure — will the warranty cover all of these issues? Or just the initial fuel injector failure. This is progressive damage and will definitely give you peace of mind knowing your trucks are protected.

Financial Carrier Services wants your company to be protected and we want your drivers to be safe on the road. If you need a warranty on your fleet, we have what you need. We strive to provide services that your standard factoring company doesn’t. Wherever you are located in the country, contact our team today and work with a trucking factoring company you can trust.