With each new year, comes an opportunity for a new start. Millions of people around the world take the calendar flip as a chance to better themselves. Whether your resolution is shedding a couple pounds, getting right financially, or just improving your overall wellbeing, there’s an app for it. How can one decide the best app for them between the seemingly hundreds of options? Well, just like with all things factoring, we at Financial Carriers Services are here to help!

We took some time to highlight four apps we love and that we find ourselves using daily below. These apps will be sure to give you a great head start on achieving all your new year’s goals!


MyFitnessPal acts as a one stop shop for all thing’s health. Once you enter in some basic info and set a goal, MyFitnessPal will give you a daily calorie recommendation. With info from thousands of restaurants and recipes already preloaded in the app, it allows you to accurately keep track of what you’ve eaten so you can make sure you stay under the goal set and shed those unwanted pounds. It even takes into account calories you burned being active throughout the day! MyFitnessPal keeps track of your weight loss progress and makes sure you stay on track in making 2021 your healthiest year yet.

Get MyFitnessPal on Apple IOS and Google


With restaurants still limited capacity or not open at all (Thanks 2020), we’ve all had to adapt our eating habits and expand our recipe horizons. Unfortunately, that can be tough for those on the roads. Yummly is an app that will suggest and filter recipes based off of your situation. Have limited appliance options because you are on the move? Yummly will take it into account and provide recipes you can make with what you have, so you can get great meals no matter where you are.

Get Yummly on Apple IOS and Google


We all could use a little more money, right? But who has the time to budget, set aside money, and or scour the stock market? Let Acorns help. Acorns will round up everyday purchases to the dollar and set aside the change for saving or investing purposes. It’s a great way save/invest without even thinking about it! The $2.36 coffee you get every morning rounds up to an even $3, and your savings add up quick. Acorns will allow you to make 2021 a year of financial growth.

Get Acorns on Apple IOS and Google


After a year like 2020, It never hurts to take a step back and breathe. Zen is a wellness app that provides guided meditation, stories to help you fall asleep, and other stress lowering services. Meditation has been practiced for centuries and is a full proof way to unwind and clear your mind after each day.  You eat right to take care of your body, why not take some time for your mind? You’ll be amazed to see the change in your stress levels!

Get Zen on Apple IOS and Google

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