Truck drivers spend days and even weeks on the road, making it important to have a great truck stop where they can get some hot food, a comfortable shower, and if they need some new clothes, even shopping! We’ve all been to the truck stops that feature days old donuts and cold coffee, but there are a few places across the nation that have stepped up their game when it comes to offering quality services to truckers. Learn where they are and what makes them special!

Jubitz – Portland, Oregon

In business since 1952, this truck stop pulls out all of the stops! Jubitz has a list of features, including a Ponderosa lounge with live music, homestyle dining and grill, deli and convenience stores, 24-hour security, fleet services, oil sales and service, driver lounge, banquet and event services, and a $6 movie theatre! Don’t just stop for some gas and a Slim-Jim, take a real break from the road and go to the movies.

North Forty Truck Stop – Holladay, Tennessee

Located off of I-40 at exit 126, this truck stop has restaurants that are open 24/7 and a breakfast buffet. If you’re in a hurry you can stop by the deli and get something to go. They also offer some of the best conveniences, including a TV room, game room, laundry, and showers.

Johnson’s Corner – Johnstown, Colorado

If your top criteria for the best truck stop is food, drive through Johnstown in Northern Colorado. Located on I-25, get a table at the sit-down restaurant and order up a cinnamon roll. They are big enough that one roll may be all you need. The rest of the food, and the service, is great too. There’s also a store, chapel, lounge, and convenience store. Just don’t go there Sunday morning, there will be a line for a table.

South of the Border – Hamer, South Carolina

If you want to do more than just fill up your tank and take a shower, this is where you want to go. Located on I-95, you can’t miss the giant sign featuring Pedro the Bandido and the tall rides — because why would you go to a truck stop that doesn’t have an amusement park? After your done riding all of the rides, get a seat at the restaurant Peddler Steakhouse.

Alamo Casino Travel Center – Spark, Nevada

In the mood for some slots? Head to Nevada on East Greg Street and you have your choice of over 260 slot machines. And when you’ve (hopefully) won a fortune, head to Iron Skillet restaurant to celebrate. After a long day on the road and it’s finally time to rest, try out a comfortable motel for the night.

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