Tis’ the season of giving! In the spirit of the holidays there are TONS of organizations that make it a priority to give back, and those in the trucking industry are right there with them. One of the most important groups that should be honored each holiday season are those in the armed forces.  Military personnel often spend long periods of time away from their loved ones, at times being in dangerous areas to protect our freedoms. Thankfully, there are many trucking programs that work to bring some holiday joy and/or honor the military and their families. This blog is going to highlight a few of those programs.

Trees for Troops

First up we have the annual tree drive, Trees for Troops. This program is a partnership between the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and Fedex.  The two organizations have been working together for the past 13 years to deliver Christmas trees to military bases for soldiers and their families. The fundraiser is active through a network of tree farms around the United Sates that donates these trees through the foundation along with help from the public, sponsorships, and many, many volunteers.

It was reported that FedEx has logged more than 800,000 miles for this program, in 2017 the Trees for Troops program was able to deliver over 17,000 trees to over 70 bases in the US and hundreds to international bases. In total the Trees for Troops Program has been able to donate and deliver over 200,000 trees to military families!

To learn more about this awesome program, click here.

Truckers for Troops

Next is the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s, “Truckers for Troops” drive. The goal of this project is to raise funds to send care packages to military members stationed in combat zones as well as assisting facilities that house veterans. The fundraiser is held by either direct donations or if members opt to create/renew their membership during that time at a discounted rate. The best part is that 10% of their fee will go to the fundraiser with the OOIDA then matching the 10% from each member.

This program just had their 12th run this past year and raised over $38,000 in donations!  According to the OOIDA its members have raised over $500,000 to send packages to over 36,000 military personnel both domestically and internationally.  That’s some great work truckers!

Wreaths Across America

Another amazing fundraiser honoring the military is Wreaths Across America.  The mission of this organization is to honor all of those in the armed forces during the holiday season, particularly the fallen.  In their words their goal is to, “Remember our fallen, honor those who Serve, and Teach your children the value of freedom.” Each year they hold a special event called, “National Wreaths Across America Day”, a day highlighted by laying donated wreaths in ceremonies carried out at Arlington Cemetery and hundreds of cemeteries across the United States and abroad. Supporters sponsor a wreath that is laid during these ceremonies to honor or remember a soldier. This year National Wreaths Across America Day is on December 14th.

This incredible event can run each year due to the hundreds of volunteer trucking companies whom the organization call their “Rolling Ambassadors” and their “Honor Fleet”. The truckers that participate donate their time to deliver thousands of Wreaths across the country to honor these fallen soldiers. These companies come from all our nation, and some of these carriers include members of the NCTA (North Carolina Trucking Association) of which FCS is a proud member.  It’s special that there is an organization that has dedicated themselves to making sure soldiers are not forgotten and the truckers that help make that happen.

Click on the link to learn more about this organization, the trucking companies that get involved, as well as way you can become a part of the “Honor Fleet”.  Also, take a look at this link to see if there is a laying ceremony near you on December 14th.

FCS supports all veterans and their families and respect all that they do for our country. Those in the armed forces should always be celebrated especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.   We appreciate all that these organizations and programs accomplish, and we are happy to know that there are fundraisers that the public can contribute to show our gratitude and pay our respects. All the links for the organization links will be listed below and discover how you can make this holiday season a little brighter for our vets!

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